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ArtikelPansies To Parents: Gay Male Images In American Print Advertising  
Oleh: Branchik, Blaine J.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Macromarketing vol. 27 no. 1 (Mar. 2007), page 38-50.
Topik: marketing; advertising; history; advertising history; gay; homosexual
Fulltext: 38.pdf (4.94MB)
Isi artikelCommon and diverse depictions of gay men in American print advertising are recent phenomena, dating from the mid-1990s. However, gay male images have appeared in print advertisements since early in the last century. Using a framework categorizing minority depictions in media over time and adapted for this study, a chronological series of twenty-five print advertisements are analyzed dating from 1917 through 2004. In these ads, gay male images complying with one or more of the ten criteria established for this study are found to change over time. This evolution of imagery is categorized into four stages: (1) targeted recognition, (2) ridicule/scorn, (3) cutting edge, and ultimately, (4) respect. The evolution reflects society’s changing view of homosexuality and the media’s changing role in portraying gay men. It further can be analyzed within the context of the history of the United States’ gay community.
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