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ArtikelNegotiating Hegemonic Masculinity in a Batterer Intervention Program  
Oleh: Schrock, Douglas P. ; Padavic, Irene
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Gender and society; vol. 21 no. 05 (Oct. 2007), page 625-649.
Topik: hegemonic masculinity; batterer intervention program; intimate partner violence; social interaction
Fulltext: 625.pdf (133.15KB)
Isi artikelDomestic violence represents a crucial underpinning of women’s continued subordination, which is why much scholarly and activist energy has been expended in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs to reduce it. On the basis of three years of fieldwork, the authors analyze the interactional processes through which masculinity was constructed in one such program. They find that facilitators had success in getting the men to agree to take responsibility, use egalitarian language, control anger, and choose nonviolence, but the men were successful in resisting taking victims’ perspectives, deflecting facilitators’ overtures to be emotionally vulnerable, and defining themselves as hardworking men entitled to a patriarchal dividend. The authors’ analysis contributes to understandings of how hegemonic masculinity is interactionally constituted, and it adds evidence to the debate about such programs’ effectiveness by raising the issue of how well the program met its goal of transforming masculinity.
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