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ArtikelClassification Consistency and Accuracy for Complex Assessments Under the Compound Multinomial Model  
Oleh: Lee, Won-Chan ; Brennan, Robert L. ; Lei, Wang
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Applied Psychological Measurement vol. 33 no. 5 (Jul. 2009), page 374-390.
Topik: classification consistency; classification accuracy; compound multinomial model; bootstrap; complex assessment
Fulltext: 374.pdf (568.06KB)
Isi artikelFor a test that consists of dichotomously scored items, several approaches have been reported in the literature for estimating classification consistency and accuracy indices based on a single administration of a test. Classification consistency and accuracy have not been studied much, however, for ‘‘complex’’ assessments—for example, those that involve polytomously scored items or mixtures of different types of items. This article describes procedures for estimating various types of single-administration classification consistency and accuracy indices using the multinomial and compound multinomial models for individuals and groups who take a single administration of a complex assessment. An alternative procedure using the bootstrap is also proposed. These procedures are illustrated using real data sets obtained from tests consisting of both polytomous and dichotomous items.
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