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ArtikelEffective Environments For Knowledge And Learning: What Theatre And Television Design, Museums And Writing Can Tell Us  
Oleh: Dove, Angela
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Business Information Review vol. 23 no. 3 (Sep. 2006), page 196-205.
Topik: architecture; building design; information service; interior design; knowledge; libraries; learning resource centres; knowledge intensive space; museums; theatre design; television design; space design
Fulltext: 196.pdf (240.72KB)
Isi artikelPhysical space design is important for achieving excellence in learning and knowledge environments. Key influences on knowledge environments are outlined, drawn from theatre and television design, museums and learning, and writing. These influences have led to core design principles for the design of knowledge intensive spaces, including libraries. The use of metaphor has historically proved to be a rich source of inspiration for designers and architects, and this is a key principle for engaging all players in physical space design. Vertical space and lighting are discussed as currently underused resources in many business and learning environments. The vital importance is discussed of engaging front-line workers in a co-determinative design process. The concept is explored of informed and proactive clients, fully engaging with architects and space planners. Such a process is cost effective, and leads to innovative excellent knowledge space, though not always requiring extensive budgets. Business environments can learn much when planning knowledge and learning space from examples drawn from other areas, including libraries and universities which have actively used a process of innovation and experimentation in knowledge space design. A new paradigm of active learning is itself causing universities and other learning institutions to reevaluate the role of physical space in enhancing learning opportunities. Physical space design is one key to effective knowledge and learning environments, requiring a collaborative design process, and a methodology that is underpinned by core principles specific to knowledge work.
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