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JurnalLanguage and Education (Full Text) vol. 24 no. 4 (2010)
Topik: Linguistics; Language and education
Bahasa: (EN )    Year:: 2010    Edisi: softcopy    
Penerbit: Department of Linguistics and Modern English,Lancester University
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. INTRODUCTION : Multilingualism in African schools: constraints and possibilities, halaman 277-281
  2. School language profiles: valorizing linguistic resources in heteroglossic situations in South Africa, halaman 283-294
  3. Home and school literacy practices in Africa: listening to inner voices, halaman 295-307
  4. Mother tongue education: necessary? Possible? Sustainable?, halaman 309-321
  5. How multilingual African contexts are pushing educational research and practice in new directions, halaman 323-336
  6. When ‘Prof’ speaks, who listens? The African elite and the use of African languages for education and development in African communities, halaman 337-352

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