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BukuAustronesian and theoretical linguistics
Author: Mercado, Raphael (Editor); Potsdam, Eric (Editor); Travis, Lisa Demena (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-90-272-5550    
Penerbit: John Benjamins     Tempat Terbit: Amsterdam/Philadelphia    Tahun Terbit: 2010    
Jenis: Books
Fulltext: Austronesian and Theoretical Linguistics.pdf (9.94MB; 1 download)
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The Austronesian language family is the largest language family in the world, yet its members are relatively little studied, particularly from a formal perspective. Interestingly, because these languages exhibit typologically unusual properties, they pose important challenges to linguistic theory. Any theory that postulates a grammar that is common to all languages must take into account the particular characteristics of this language family. The contributions to this volume comprise five chapters on phonology and twelve chapters on syntax, all addressing aspects of these Austronesian challenges. The volume presents new data, new analyses of old data, and comparisons of closely related languages, as well as comparisons to languages outside of the language family. Taken together they form a unique picture of Austronesian linguistics. This volume will be of interest to researchers and students in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and language typology, as well as scholars of Austronesian languages.
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The Role of Larynx Height in the Javanese Tense ~ Lax Stop Contrast, halaman 7-24
  2. Reduplication in Tanjung Raden Malay, halaman 25-44
  3. Discontiguous Reduplication in a Local Variety of Malay, halaman 45-64
  4. Phonological Evidence for the Structure of Javanese Compounds, halaman 65-80
  5. Intonation, Information Structure and the Derivation of Inverse VO Languages, halaman 81-102
  6. The Case of Possessors and 'Subjects', halaman 103-116
  7. Genitive Relative Constructions and Agent Incorporation in Tongan, halaman 117-140
  8. Possession Syntax in Unua DPs, halaman 141-162
  9. Serediq Adverbial Verbs: A Review of the Evidence, halaman 163-182
  10. On the Syntax of Formosan Adverbial Verb Constructions, halaman 183-212
  11. Specification and Inversion: Evidence from Malagasy, halaman 213-230
  12. VSO Word Order in Malagasy Imperatives, halaman 231-248
  13. A Unified Analysis of Niuean Aki, halaman 249-270
  14. Deriving Inverse Order: The Issue of Arguments, halaman 271-296
  15. The Impersonal Construction in Tagalog, halaman 297-326
  16. Anaphora in Traditional Jambi Malay, halaman 327-344
  17. On Parameters of Agreement in Austronesian Language, halaman 345-374

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