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ArtikelExamining Work Ethic Across Populations: A Comparison of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile Across Three Diverse Cultures  
Oleh: Woehr, David J. ; Arciniega, Luis M.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Educational and Psychological Measurement vol. 67 no. 01 (Feb. 2007), page 154-168.
Topik: work ethic; measurement equivalence; Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile; cross-cultural measurement
Fulltext: 154.pdf (95.09KB)
Isi artikelThe authors examined the measurement equivalence of the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile (MWEP) across the diverse cultures of Korea, Mexico, and the United States. Korean- and Spanish-language versions of the MWEP were developed and evaluated relative to the original English version of the measure. Confirmatory factor analytic results indicated measurement invariance across samples drawn from each country. Further analyses indicated potential substantive differences for some of the seven subscales of the MWEP across samples. The implications of these findings and directions for future research are presented.
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