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ArtikelFeasibility Study Of A Passive Aeration Reactor Equipped With Vertical Pipes For Compost Stabilization Of Cow Manure  
Oleh: Byer, Philip H. ; Hoang, Chi Phuong ; Nguyen, Thi Thuc Thuy ; Chopra, Sangeeta ; Maclaren, Virginia ; Haight, Murray
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Waste Management & Research vol. 24 no. 5 (Oct. 2006), page 456-464.
Topik: Passively-aerated innovative bioreactor; conventional passive-aeration composting; cow manure; temperature control; composting rate; wmr 817–6
Fulltext: 456.pdf (337.54KB)
Isi artikelPilot-scale composting was carried out with cow manure to evaluate the performances of two passive aeration systems: a conventional passive aeration system equipped with horizontal pipes and an unusual passive aeration method based on air delivery by means of vertical pipes. The effects of both types of passive aeration apparatus were investigated in order to determine the degree of composting rate by continuously monitoring temperature, moisture content, organic matter, electrical conductivity, pH and C/N ratio in the piles. Temperatures in the range of thermophily (55–65°C) were reached in all runs within 1–2 days then lasting for about 1 week, a span long enough for pathogen abatement. Results suggest that passive aeration carried out by vertical pipes is more effective for air delivery into compost piles than conventional passive aeration of air adduction with horizontal pipes. The variation in the number of vertical pipes was revealed to be an important parameter for the control of composting rate and temperature. Composting rates estimated from the heat balance equation were substantially in agreement with those computed through the conversion ratio of total organic matter decrement. The conversion ratios and composting rates obtained in this study using passive aeration with vertical pipes were well aligned with those found using forced air delivery systems.
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