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ArtikelPeer-To-Peer-Based Resource Management In Support Of HLA-Based Distributed Simulations  
Oleh: Eklöf, Martin ; Sparf, Magnus ; Moradi, Farshad ; Ayani, Rassul
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Simulation vol. 80 no. 4-5 (Apr. 2004), page 181-190.
Topik: Peer-to-peer environment; JXTA; high-level architecture (HLA); federation management; resource management
Fulltext: 181.pdf (120.67KB)
Isi artikelIn recent years, the concept of peer-to-peer computing has gained renewed interest for sharing resources within and between organizations or individuals. This article describes a decentralized resource management system (DRMS) that uses a network of workstations for the execution and storage of high-level architecture (HLA) federations/federates in a peer-to-peer environment.The implementation of DRMS is based on the open-source project JXTA, which represents an attempt to standardize the peer-to-peer domain.DRMS is part of aWeb-based simulation environment supporting collaborative design, development, and execution of HLA federations. This study evaluates the possibilities of using peer-to-peer technology for increasing the reuse and availability of simulation components within the defense modelling and simulation community. More specifically, it addresses the necessary adjustments of simulation components to conform to the requirements of the DRMS and shows that JXTA could provide the foundation for a distributed system that increases the possibilities for reusing simulation components.
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