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JurnalDiabetes Care vol. 33 no. 03 (Mar. 2010)
Topik: Diabetes
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0149-5992    Year:: 2010    Bulan: 03    Edisi: Mar 2010    
Penerbit: American Diabetes Association
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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  1. Development and Validation of a Questionnaire to Assess Carbohydrate and Insulin-Dosing Knowledge in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes, halaman 457-462
  2. Association of the TNF-a-C-857T Polymorphism With Resistance to the Cholesterol-Lowering Effect of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors in Type 2 Diabetic Subjects , halaman 463-466
  3. Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Critically Ill Patients A prospective randomized trial, halaman 467-472
  4. Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetic Pregnancy Role of preconception insulin aspart treatment in a randomized study, halaman 473-477
  5. Active Care Management Supported by Home Telemonitoring in Veterans With Type 2 Diabetes The DiaTel randomized controlled trial, halaman 478-484
  6. Antidepressant Pharmacotherapy in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Rates and predictors of initial response, halaman 485-489
  7. Estimates of Insulin Sensitivity Using Glucose and C-Peptide From the Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome Glucose Tolerance Test , halaman 490-494
  8. Brief Screening Tool for Disordered Eating in Diabetes Internal consistency and external validity in a contemporary sample of pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes, halaman 495-500
  9. Secondary Failure of Metformin Monotherapy in Clinical Practice, halaman 501-506
  10. Missed Insulin Boluses for Snacks in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes, halaman 507-508
  11. A1C but Not Serum Glycated Albumin Is Elevated Because of Iron Deficiency in Late Pregnancy in Diabetic Women, halaman 509-511
  12. Pediatric Endocrinologists' Management of Children With Type 2 Diabetes, halaman 512-514
  13. A1C Cut Points to Define Various Glucose Intolerance Groups in Asian Indians, halaman 515-519
  14. Patient Race/Ethnicity and Patient-Physician Race/Ethnicity Concordance in the Management of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors for Patients With Diabetes , halaman 520-525
  15. Rapid Identification of Myocardial Infarction Risk Associated With Diabetes Medications Using Electronic Medical Records, halaman 526-531
  16. Dietary Patterns and Risk for Diabetes The Multiethnic Cohort, halaman 532-538
  17. Relationship Styles and Mortality in Patients With Diabetes, halaman 539-544
  18. Performance of an A1C and Fasting Capillary Blood Glucose Test for Screening Newly Diagnosed Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Defined by an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in Qingdao, China , halaman 545-550
  19. Mortality Trends in Subjects With and Without Diabetes During 33 Years of Follow-up, halaman 551-556
  20. Minimal Contribution of Fasting Hyperglycemia to the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in Subjects With Normal 2-h Plasma Glucose, halaman 557-561
  21. Prevalence of Diabetes and High Risk for Diabetes Using A1C Criteria in the U.S. Population in 1988–2006, halaman 562-568
  22. Prevalence and Timing of Postpartum Glucose Testing and Sustained Glucose Dysregulation After Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, halaman 569-576
  23. ATLANTIC DIP: The Impact of Obesity on Pregnancy Outcome in Glucose-Tolerant Women, halaman 577-579
  24. Moving to an A1C-Based Diagnosis of Diabetes Has a Different Impact on Prevalence in Different Ethnic Groups, halaman 580-582
  25. Thoracoabdominal Calcifications Predict Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Type 2 Diabetic and Nondiabetic Subjects 18-year follow-up study, halaman 583-585
  26. Preconception Counseling in Women With Diabetes A population-based study in the North of England, halaman 586-588
  27. Six Months of Diazoxide Treatment at Bedtime in Newly Diagnosed Subjects With Type 1 Diabetes Does Not Influence Parameters of ß-Cell Function and Autoimmunity but Improves Glycemic Control , halaman 589-594
  28. Use of the Site of Subcutaneous Insulin Administration for the Measurement of Glucose in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes, halaman 595-601
  29. An Internet-Based Program to Improve Self-Management in Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes, halaman 602-604
  30. Effect of Rimonabant on Glycemic Control in Insulin-Treated Type 2 Diabetes: The ARPEGGIO Trial, halaman 605-607
  31. Effect of Rosiglitazone and Ramipril on ß-Cell Function in People With Impaired Glucose Tolerance or Impaired Fasting Glucose The DREAM trial, halaman 608-613
  32. Racial and Ethnic Differences in an Estimated Measure of Insulin Resistance Among Individuals With Type 1 Diabetes, halaman 614-619
  33. Trends of Earlier and Later Responses of C-peptide to Oral Glucose Challenges With Progression to Type 1 Diabetes in Diabetes Prevention Trial–Type 1 Participants , halaman 620-625
  34. Lack of Lipotoxicity Effect on ß-Cell Dysfunction in Ketosis-Prone Type 2 Diabetes, halaman 626-631
  35. Islet Cell Antibody–Positive Versus –Negative Phenotypic Type 2 Diabetes in Youth Does the oral glucose tolerance test distinguish between the two?, halaman 632-638
  36. Hypoglycemia Aggravates Critical Illness–Induced Neurocognitive Dysfunction, halaman 639-644
  37. Subjects With Early-Onset Type 2 Diabetes Show Defective Activation of the Skeletal Muscle PGC-1a/Mitofusin-2 Regulatory Pathway in Response to Physical Activity , halaman 645-651
  38. Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy, HDL Cholesterol, and Smoking Correlate With Arterial Stiffness Markers Determined 18 Years Later in Type 1 Diabetes , halaman 652-657
  39. Lipotoxicity and Decreased Islet Graft Survival, halaman 658-660
  40. Carboxylation of Osteocalcin Affects Its Association With Metabolic Parameters in Healthy Children, halaman 661-663
  41. First-Trimester Follistatin-Like-3 Levels in Pregnancies Complicated by Subsequent Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, halaman 664-669
  42. Utility of Childhood Glucose Homeostasis Variables in Predicting Adult Diabetes and Related Cardiometabolic Risk Factors The Bogalusa Heart Study, halaman 670-675

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