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BukuLegalising land rights: local practices, state responses and tenure security in Africa, Asia and Latin America
Author: Ubink, Janine M. (Editor); Hoekema, Andre J. (Editor); Assies, Willem J. (Editor)
Topik: Land tenure--Law and legislation--Africa; Land tenure--Law and legislation--Latin America; Land tenure--Law and legislation--Asia; Ownweship (land tenure); Land Titles; Land Rights
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978 90 8728 056 7    
Penerbit: Leiden University     Tempat Terbit: Leiden    Tahun Terbit: 2009    
Jenis: Books - Textbook
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Legalising land rights in Africa, Asia and Latin America: An introduction, halaman 7-32
  2. Peasants and agrarian refonns: The unfinished quest for secure land rights in Ethiopia, halaman 33-57
  3. Land rights and tenure security: Rural land registration in Ethiopia, halaman 59-95
  4. Securing land rights in Ghana , halaman 97-131
  5. Tree plantations, agricultural conunodification, and land tenure security in Ghana, halaman 133-161
  6. Legalising customary land tenure in Ghana: The case of peri-urban Kumasi, halaman 163-191
  7. Land tenure refonn and tenure security in Namibia , halaman 193-215
  8. Regulating or deregulating infonnalland tenure? A Namibian case study on the prospects of improving tenure security under the Flexible Land Tenure Bill, halaman 217-241
  9. Land refonn in Senegal: I'Histoire se repete?, halaman 243-269
  10. Tenure security in the periphery of Ziguinchor: The impact of politics and social relations, halaman 271-291
  11. Land tenure in Bolivia: From colonial times to post-neoliberalism, halaman 293-323
  12. Problems undermining the titling and tenure security of common-property lands: The case of indigenous people of Bolivia's lowlands, halaman 325-353
  13. Land tenure and tenure regimes in Mexico: An overview, halaman 355-385
  14. A case study on the implementation and outcomes of the 1992 reforms on the Mexican agrarian property institutions: An ejido in the frontier of the urbanisation process, halaman 387-407
  15. Land reform and tenure security in China: History and current challenges, halaman 409-433
  16. Land loss and conflict in China: Illustrated by cases from Yunnan province, halaman 435-465
  17. Peri-urban land tenure legalisation: A tale of two districts, halaman 467-491
  18. Land law in Indonesia, halaman 493-525
  19. Land registration programmes for Indonesia's urban poor: Need, reach, and effect in the kampongs of Bandung , halaman 527-547
  20. The mystery of formalising informal land tenure in the forest frontier: The case of Langkawana, Lampung, Indonesia , halaman 549-573

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