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ArtikelDiversity stress as morality stress  
Oleh: Andre, Rae
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Business Ethics vol. 14 no. 6 (Jun. 1995), page 489.
Topik: Diversity Stress; Morality Stress; Moral Judgments; Productivity; Organizations
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Isi artikelIn multicultural situations it is common for people to feel that their usual modes of coping are insufficient. They experience what is here called "diversity stress." Today diversity stress is widely experienced in part because key management assumptions involving moral judgments are changing. Understanding diversity stress as a type of morality stress suggests particular patterns of causation, and of productive and counterproductive reactions on the part of individuals and organizations. – Deciding whom to appoint to a challenging new position in Europe, a manager passes over an Asian employee and gives the job to a white male. He worries that there may be some prejudice in his own Judgment. – Because she wants to see more minorities in visible positions, a manager promotes a slightly less qualified minority candidate over a majority candidate, all the while feeling guilty. – A male manager hesitates to hug a longtime employee who has just lost her mother.
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