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ArtikelRepositioning Students in Initial Teacher Preparation: A Comparative Descriptive Analysis of Learning to Teach for Social Justice in the United States and in England  
Oleh: Cook-Sather, Alison ; Youens, Bernadette
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal Of Teacher Education vol. 58 no. 01 (Jan. 2007), page 62-75.
Topik: repositioning; social justice; student teachers; teacher preparation
Fulltext: 62.pdf (130.33KB)
Isi artikelDiscussions of learning to teach for social justice generally focus on the social commitments, institutional structures, course content, and pedagogical processes that support prospective teachers. Missing from this array of foci is a consideration of how school students are positioned within teacher preparation and how their positioning and participation can inform prospective teachers’ preparation to teach for social justice. In this article, the authors present a comparative descriptive analysis of two projects, one based in the United States and one based in England, that provide opportunities through which prospective secondary teachers are prepared to teach for social justice through direct dialogue with secondary students focused on issues of teaching and learning.
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