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ArtikelBeginning Teachers and the Emotional Drama of the Classroom  
Oleh: Intrator, Sam M.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal Of Teacher Education vol. 57 no. 03 (May 2006), page 232-239.
Topik: conceptions/constructions of self; emotions; reflection; teachers’knowledge and beliefs
Fulltext: 232.pdf (93.4KB)
Isi artikelAs a teacher educator, the author believes that he must prepare teachers to go forth into schools with a deep understanding of the subjects they will teach, an appreciation for how students learn, and a repertoire of instructional strategies that will help them make learning come alive for their students. As they develop these skills, they must simultaneously work on resolving four inescapable challenges: First, they have to figure out what it means to be a novice. Second, although teaching is intellectually challenging, it is also chock full of emotional drama. How students negotiate the emotional terrain of teaching is a critical element of their experience. Third, the author thinks about how a primary challenge for teachers is to secure the genuine attention of students. Fourth, the author considers what it means for young teachers to take care of their health and spirit amid the stress that marks the 1st year of teaching.
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