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ArtikelFamily Practice: Professional Identiy in Transition. A Case Study of Family Medicine in Canada  
Oleh: Beaulieu, Marie-Dominique ; Rioux, Marc ; Rocher, Guy ; Samson, Louise ; Boucher, Laurier
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Social Science & Medicine ( vol. 67 no. 7 (Oct. 2008), page 1153-1163.
Topik: Family Medicine; Professional Identity; Sociology of Professions; Canada; Primary Care; General Practitioners
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Isi artikelWith increasingly fewer family physicians in many countries and students less interested in primary care careers, generalists are becoming an endangered species. This situation is a major health care resource management challenge. In a rapidly changing health care environment, family medicine is struggling for a clear identity-a matter which is crucial to health system restructuring because it affects the roles and functioning of other professions in the systme. The objective of our study was to explore representations of roles and responsibilities of family physicians held by future family and specialist physicians and their clinical teachers in four Canadian medical school faculties of medicine, using both focus groups and individual interviews. In addition to family medicine-three areas that itnerface significantly between primary care and specialized medicine. In each faculty, respondents included the vice-dean of postraduate studies; the director of each relevant program; educators in the program; residents in each specialty in their last year of training. Findings are centred around three major themes: (1) the definition of family medicine; (2) family medicine as an endangered species, and (3) the generation gap between young family physicians and their educators. The sustained physician-patient relationship is considered a core characteristic of family medicine that is much valued by patients and physicians-both generalists and specialists-as something to be preserved in any model of the professions' traditional functions while adapting to changing contexts, or concentrating on areas of expertise and mvoing towards creating "specialist" general practitioners, in response to a rapidly expanding scope of practice, and to the high value attributed to specialization by society and the professional system.
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