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ArtikelEvaluating a Positive Parenting Curriculum Package: An Analysis of the Acquisition of Key Skills  
Oleh: Berard, Kerri P. ; Smith, Richard G.
Jenis: Article from Journal - e-Journal
Dalam koleksi: Research on Social Work Practice vol. 18 no. 5 (Sep. 2008), page 442-452.
Topik: child welfare; behavioral parent training; Behavior Analysis Services Program
Fulltext: 442.pdf (265.75KB)
Isi artikelThe effectiveness of a parenting curriculum designed for parents who exhibit risk factors for child maltreatment was evaluated. Six skills were taught during a 5-week series of 3-hour classes that met 1 day per week. A written quiz containing questions corresponding to skills taught in each class was administered to participants before the series of classes, following each class session, and after completion of the course. Repeated administration of the quiz permitted an analysis of skill acquisition. A role-play assessment was conducted prior to and following the series of classes. Results demonstrate an improvement in the participants’ ability to recognize correct answers in a multiple-choice format and demonstrate the behavioral skills taught in class within a role-play context.
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