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JurnalSexual Abuse vol. 19 no. 3 (Sep. 2007)
Topik: Sexual; Abuse
Bahasa: (EN )    Year:: 2007    Bulan: 09    Edisi: Softcopy    
Penerbit: Sage Publications
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Human rights and the treatment of sex offenders., halaman 195
  2. The psychometric validation of the social problem-solving inventory revised with UK incarcerated sexual offenders., halaman 217
  3. The construction and preliminary validation of the internet behaviours and attitudes questionnaire (IBAQ)., halaman 237
  4. Background, offence characteristics, and criminal outcomes of aboriginal youth who sexually offend: a closer look at aboriginal youth intervention needs., halaman 257
  5. IQ, handedness, and pedophilia in adult male patients stratified by referral source., halaman 285
  6. Cognition or involvement? explaining sexual-coercion in high-school dating., halaman 311

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