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ArtikelEvaluating Parental Choice in Public Education : Policy Beyond The Monopoly Model  
Oleh: Spicer, Michael W. ; Hill, Edward W.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: American Journal of Education vol. 98 no. 2 (1990), page 97-113.
Topik: monopoly; parental choice; public education; policy; monopoly
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Isi artikelIn this article we develop an economic model of the provision of educational services in a metropolitan area that accounts for the number of school districts and the ability of significant numbers of families to relocate. We then use the results to evaluate the current system of public education and alternative proposals for reform. Each is evaluated in terms of its efficacy in promoting efficiency and equity goals and its ability to inculcate common social values. We argue that, compared to the current system, voucher programs will not necessarily promote efficiency and also will tend to increase racial and social segregation. Minischools and competitive contracting - out schemes, in contrast, may be able to improve efficiency without adverse equity consequences and may aid in the promotion of common social values.
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