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ArtikelTata Laksana Terapi Multimodal  
Oleh: Sudagijono, Jaka Santosa
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - tidak terakreditasi DIKTI - atma jaya
Dalam koleksi: Manasa: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi vol. 2 no. 01 (Jun. 2008), page 71.
Topik: Multimodal Therapy; Psychological Suffering; Therapeutic Pluralism
Fulltext: Jaka Santosa Sudagijono.pdf (171.99KB)
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Isi artikelMultimodal Therapy can be done to solve people with psychological problems and addressed to practitioners who are genuinely interested in achieving a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness with the people who consult them. The aim of Multimodal Therapy is to reduce psychological suffering and to promote personal growth as rapidly and as durably as possible. People avoid psychiatric labels when it is possible and strongly emphasize the need for therapeutic pluralism. In stressing that few, if any problems have a single cause or a unitary “cure”, we recognize that human disquietude is multileveled and multilayered. But, instead of making these observations in global or undifferentiated terms, practitioners of Multimodal Therapy dissect human personality into discrete but interactive modalities or dimensions. By assessing each individual through each of these specific modalities and then examining the salient interactions among them, one is better able to achieve a thorough and holistic understanding of the person and his or her social environment.
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