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ArtikelGlycemic index of common Malaysian fruits  
Oleh: Robert, S Daniel ; Ismail, Aziz Al-Safi ; Than, Winn ; Wolever, Thomas M.S.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (keterangan: ada di Proquest) vol. 17 no. 01 (2008), page 35.
Topik: glucose; durian; papaya; pineapple; watermelon
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Isi artikel The objective of the present study was to measure the glycemic index of durian, papaya, pineapple and watermelon grown in Malaysia. Ten (10) healthy volunteers (5 females, 5 males; body mass index 21.18±1.7kg/m²) consumed 50 g of available carbohydrate portions of glucose (reference food) and four test foods (durian, papaya, pineapple and watermelon) in random order after an overnight fast. Glucose was tested on three separate occasions, and the test foods were each tested once. Postprandial plasma glucose was measured at intervals for two hours after intake of the test foods. Incremental areas under the curve were calculated, and the glycemic index was determined by expressing the area under the curve after the test foods as a percentage of the mean area under the curve after glucose. The results showed that the area under the curve after pineapple, 232±24 mmol×min/L, was significantly greater than those after papaya, 147±14, watermelon, 139±8, and durian, 124±13 mmol×min/L (p<0.05). Similarly, the glycemic index of pineapple, 82±4, was significantly greater than those of papaya, 58±6, watermelon, 55±3, and durian, 49±5 (p<0.05). The differences in area under the curve and glycemic index among papaya, watermelon and durian were not statistically significant. We conclude that pineapple has a high glycemic index, whereas papaya is intermediate and watermelon and durian are low glycemic index foods. The validity of these results depends on the accuracy of the data in the food tables upon which the portion sizes tested were based.
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