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ArtikelIntegrasi tionghoa indonesia dalam kebangsaan multikultural.  
Oleh: Lembong, Eddie
Jenis: Article from Books
Dalam koleksi: Multikulturalisme, peran perempuan, dan integrasi nasional, page 017.
Topik: Integrasi Tionghoa; Multikultural;
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Isi artikelThe New Order created a paradoxical Indonesia, 'plural monoculturalism', and insisted on cultural uniformity despite a great number of ethnic groups. Therefore, a call toward a multicultural Indonesia is very sound in post-Soeharto Indonesia. One giant step created in 2006 is the Citizenship Law No. 12, which fully recognizes Chinese Indonesian legal status as true Indonesian. Learning from experiences of multicultural immigrant states such as the United States, Canada and particularly Australia, this contribution offers a solution to integrate the Chinese Indonesian into multicultural Indonesia. It also confirms that creating plurality, more precisely that related to Chinese Indonesians, is not something Indonesia should be scared of, now or in the future.
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