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BukuLIA International Conference 2005: "Issues & Challenges in ELT for the Asian Region", Jakarta, March, 22-24, 2005
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Penerbit: LIA     Tahun Terbit: 2005    
Jenis: Proceeding
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Content-based instruction from topic-based to skills-based
  2. English through drama: Is it worth it?
  3. Assessing intelligence preferences of international students learning english as a second language in the United States of America
  4. Critical thinking skills - ideas to enhance it in the classroom
  5. Teaching english to children: Jeopardizing students' psychological needs?
  6. Some techiniques to make shy students active
  7. Professionalizing TEFLIN: What will it take?
  8. Motivation the key factor to second language acquisition
  9. Does connectionism promise well for the pragmatics of language teaching?
  10. Some ideas for teaching grammar more effectively in an EFL context
  11. Breakthrough in english language teaching
  12. The teacher's feedback and student's metacognition: The overlooked bond in writing instructions
  13. New ways of seeing english: Film in the classsroom
  14. Independent learning as part of an english proficiency course
  15. English newspaper: Learners' vigorous laboratory
  16. Turn the technology by magic english
  17. Corpus linguistics and language teaching: The next nexus?
  18. What can corpus linguistics tell us about english grammar?
  19. English grammar interactive quiz for indonesian learners
  20. Issues and challenges in english language teaching in the asian region: Developing quality non-native teachers in/for the asian region: The missing links?
  21. Issues and challenges in english language teaching in the asian region: Maximizing student learning in large classes
  22. The use of L1 in teaching EFL
  23. Enhancing learners' critical thinking skills through argumentative essay writing
  24. Enhancing learners' critical thinking integrated with language skills
  25. Policies in higher education: What they mean to TEFL in Indonesia
  26. For LIA International Conference
  27. The electronic writing classroom: A primer on using computers in the writing curriculum
  28. Significant scribbles: Teacher's manual
  29. Extension activity: 'Setting up a weblog'
  30. Extension activity: To the teacher: A teacher-student weblog writing system
  31. Minizing subjectivity in assessing speaking
  32. The inductive-descriptive paradigm in english teacher training
  33. "Pedich English?": Using local context to help understanding
  34. Talk show as a way to encourage listening speaking in the classroom
  35. Instructing language learning strategies to promote autonomous learning
  36. A concept in implementing strategies quality management in ELT
  37. The rise of linguistic instrumentalism: Implications for englsh language teaching
  38. Identity-based anxiety in the language classroom
  39. A discourse-based approach
  40. Bilinguals' attitudes toward codeswitching in classroom communication
  41. Teaching spoken and written english simultaneously in specific genres
  42. Cross-cultural activities: Strategies for intercultural communication in EFL context
  43. The logic of english sentence structure
  44. Why put writing last? - Integrating the productive skills in general english classes
  45. Should we translate the word carry into 'membawa'?
  46. Deculturizing english in the classroom
  47. English at the primary level--- Correlation between theory and practice
  48. Peer response: Making it work in an EFL classroom
  49. Emerging trends in corporate learning: learn smart, go fast
  50. Children's class: Chaotic or joyful?
  51. Students behavior or reading coprehension expectations and follow up
  52. Interpretation-based approach to grammar teaching: new directions in theory and practice
  53. Discourse awareness and issues in EST materials design
  54. First the storytelling, then what? Workshop
  55. Decentralization of ELT teacher training and development
  56. Manifestation of teachers' power in the classroom: A reflection
  57. The process of teaching and learning english in distance context
  58. Qualitative response on the utilization of the use of culturally familiar material versus conventional material
  59. Exploring "Thinking Questions" through collaborative learning
  60. "The devil made me do it" (Handling and dealing with children's behaviors)
  61. Silence is golden

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