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ArtikelCategorical perception of English /r/ and /l/ by Japanese bilinguals  
Oleh: Best, Catherine T. ; MacKain, Kristine S. ; Strange, Winifred
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Applied Psycholinguistics vol. 2 no. 4 (Nov. 1981), page 369-390.
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Isi artikelCategorical perception of a synthetic /r/-/l/ continuum was investigated with Japanese bilinguals at two levels of English language experience. The inexperienced Japanese group, referred to as Not-experienced, had had little or no previous training in English conversation. The Experienced Japanese group had had intensive training in English conversation by native American-English speakers. The tasks used were absolute identification, A X B discrimination, and oddity discrimination. Results showed classic categorical perception by an American- English control group. The Not-experienced Japanese showed near-chance performance on all tasks, with performance no better for stimuli that straddled the /r /-/l/ boundary than for stimuli that fell in either category. The Experienced Japanese group, however, perceived /r/ and /l/ categorically. Their identification performance did not differ from the American-English controls, but their overall performance levels on the discrimination tests were somewhat lower than for the Americans. We conclude that native Japanese adults learning English as a second language are capable of categorical perception of /r / and /l/. Implications for perceptual training of phonemic contrasts are discussed.
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