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JurnalSocial Science & Medicine ( vol. 62 no. 1 (Jan. 2006)
Topik: Science; Medicine
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0277-9536    Year:: 2006    Bulan: 01    Edisi: Jan 2006    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Pathways to Youth Homelessness, halaman 1-12
  2. The Effect of Lifetime Victimization on the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents, halaman 13-27
  3. Patients, Consumers and Survivors : A Case Study of Mental Health Service User Discourses, halaman 28-38
  4. Social Support Modifies Perceived Stigmatization in the First Years of Mental Illness : A Longitudinal Approach, halaman 39-49
  5. Social Determinants of Diagnostic Labels in Depression, halaman 50-58
  6. Mothers on the Margins : Implications for Eradicating Perinatal HIV, halaman 59-69
  7. Trustful Bonds : A Key to Becoming a Mother and to Reciprocal Breastfeeding. Stories of Mothers of Very Preterm Infants at a Neonatal Unit, halaman 70-80
  8. She Would Help Me From the Heart : An Ethnography of Egyptian Women in Labour, halaman 81-92
  9. Perceived Change in Quality of Life During the Menopause, halaman 93-102
  10. Patient Characteristics and Inequalities in Doctors' Diagnostic and Management Strategies Relating to CHD : A Video Simulation Experiment, halaman 103-115
  11. Patient Doctor Decision Making About Treatment Within the Consultation : A Critical Analysis of Models, halaman 116-124
  12. Patients' and Healthcare Providers' Understanding of Life Sustaining Treatment : Are Perceptions of Goals Shared or Divergent ?, halaman 125-133
  13. Narrativizing Errors of Care : Critical Incident Reporting in Clinical Practice, halaman 134-144
  14. Cross District Utilization of General Hospital Care in Nova Scotia : Policy and Service Delivery Implications for Rural Districts, halaman 145-156
  15. Religion and Survival in a Secular Region. A Twenty Year Follow Up of 734 Danish Adults Born in 1914, halaman 157-164
  16. Toward a Neighborhood Resource Based Theory of Social Capital for Health : Can Bourdieu and Sociology Help ?, halaman 165-175
  17. Social and Psychological Resources and Health Outcomes After the World Trade Center Disaster, halaman 176-188
  18. Aging and Eating in the Rural, Southern United States : Beliefs About Salt and its Effect on Health, halaman 189-198
  19. The Palliative Care in Assisted Living (PCAL) Pilot Study : Successes, Shortfalls, and Methodological Implications, halaman 199-207
  20. Coping Strategies as Predictors of Psychosocial Adaption in a Sample of Elderly Veterans With Acquired Lower Limb Amputations, halaman 208-216
  21. Alcohol Use and Sexual Behaviour Among Risky Drinkers and Bar and Shebeen Patrons in Gauteng Province, South Africa, halaman 217-227
  22. Health World Views of Post Soviet Citizens, halaman 228-238
  23. Therapeutic Misconception in Early Phase Gene Transfer Trials, halaman 239-253
  24. Estimating Clandestine Abortion With The Confidants Method Results from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, halaman 254-266
  25. Erratum to : When Acculturation Hurts : The Case of Immunization, halaman 267

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