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JurnalSocial Science & Medicine ( vol. 62 no. 8 (Apr. 2006)
Topik: Science; Medicine
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0277-9536    Year:: 2006    Bulan: 04    Edisi: Apr 2006    
Penerbit: Elsevier
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Associations of Childhood Circumstances with Physical and Mental Functioning in Adulthood, halaman 1831-1839
  2. Team Leadership and Patient Outcomes in US Psychiatric Treatment Settings, halaman 1840-1852
  3. Mental and Social Health in Disasters : Relating Qualitative Social Science Research and the Sphere Standard, halaman 1853-1864
  4. Variation in Children's Cognitive and Behavioural Adjustment Between Different Types of Place in the British National Child Development Study, halaman 1865-1879
  5. Genetic Susceptibility Testing from a Stress and Coping Perspective, halaman 1880-1890
  6. Developing Attributes for a Generic Quality of Life Measure for Older People : Preferences or Capabilities ?, halaman 1891-1901
  7. "Does it Mean I'm Gonna Die ?" : On Meaning Assessment in the Delivery of Diagnostic News, halaman 1902-1916
  8. Reponsive Complementary Feeding in Rural Bangladesh, halaman 1917-1930
  9. Our Health and Theirs : Forced Migration, Othering and Public Health, halaman 1931-1942
  10. Do Individual and Program Factors Matter in the Utilization of Maternal Care Services in Rural India? A Theoretical Approach, halaman 1943-1957
  11. Kaqchikel Midwives, Home Births, and Emergency Obstetric Referrals in Guatemala Contextualizing the Choice to Stay at Home, halaman 1958-1969
  12. The Male Heart and The Female Mind : A Study in the Gendering of Antidepressants and Cardiovascular Drugs in Advertisements in Irish Medical Publication, halaman 1970-1977
  13. ".. It's all the Same No Matter How Much Fruit or Vegetables or Fresh Air We Get" : Traveller Women's Perceptions of Illness Causation and Health Inequalities, halaman 1978-1990
  14. Never Married Childless Women in Australia : Health and Social Circumstances in Plder Age, halaman 1991-2001
  15. Violence Against Women and Suicide Risk : The Neglected Impact of Same Sex Sexual Behaviour, halaman 2002-2013
  16. Effects of Husbands' and Wives' Education on Each Other's Mortality, halaman 2014-2023
  17. Shifting Dollars, Saving Lives : What Might Happen to Mortality Rates and Socio Economic Inequalities in Mortality Rates, if Income Was Redistributed ?, halaman 2024-2034
  18. Socioeconomic Inequalities in Premature mortaluty in France : Have They Widened in Recent Decades, halaman 2035-2045
  19. A Comparative Appraisal of the Relationship of Education, Income and Housing Tenure with Less than Good Health Among the Elderly in Europe, halaman 2046-2060
  20. Neighborhood Violent Crime and Unemployment Increase the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease : A Multilevel Study in an Urban Setting, halaman 2061-2071
  21. Why Do Case Studies on National Health Research Systems Matter ? Identifying Common Challenges in Low and Middle Income Countries, halaman 2072-2078
  22. Health Care Practices, Professions and Perspectives : A Case Study in Intensive Care, halaman 2079-2090

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