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JurnalThe Economic Journal (EBSCO) vol. 116 no. 511 (2006)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0013-0133    Year:: 2006    Edisi: Apr 2006    
Penerbit: Blackwell Publishing
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. A Theory of Consumer Boycotts Under Symmetric Information and Imperfect Competition, halaman 355-381
  2. Distribution and Growth in An Economy With Limited Needs : Variable Markups and 'The End of Work', halaman 382-407
  3. Has Monetary Policy Become More Efficient ? A Cross-Country Analysis, halaman 408-433
  4. Closed and Open Economy Models of Business Cycles With Marked Up Sticky Prices, halaman 434-456
  5. Money is An Estimated Business Cycle Model of The Euro Area, halaman 457-477
  6. Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy in Emerging Market Economies, halaman 478-506
  7. Shocking Escapes, halaman 507-528
  8. Risk, Return and Portfolio Allocation Under Alternative Pension Systems With Incomplete and Imperfect Financial Markets, halaman 529-557
  9. Gender and Say : A Model of Household Behaviour With Endogenously Determined Balance of Power, halaman 558-580
  10. Relational Costs and The Production of Social Capital : Evidence From Carpooling, halaman 581-604
  11. Commercial Broadcasting and Local Content : Cultural Quotas, Advertising and Public Stations, halaman 605-625

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