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JurnalJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering vol. 128 no. 1 (Feb. 2006)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1087-1357    Year:: 2006    Bulan: 2    Edisi: Feb 2006    
Penerbit: ASME
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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  1. Optimized Upper Bound Analysis of Axisymmetric Extrusion Using Spherical Velocity Field, halaman 4-10
  2. Incorporating Adjustable Features in The Optimal Design of Polymer Sheet Extrusion Dies, halaman 11-19
  3. Effects of Scanning Schemes on Laser Tube Bending, halaman 20-33
  4. Evaluation of Estimates of Roll Separating Force in Bar Rolling, halaman 34-45
  5. Burr Height in Shear Slitting of Aluminum Webs, halaman 46-55
  6. Corrugation and Buckling Defects in Wound Rolls, halaman 56-64
  7. Finite Element Modeling for Tap Design Improvement in Form Tapping, halaman 65-73
  8. A Geometrical Simulation System of Ball End Finish Milling Process and Its Application for The Prediction of Surface Micro Features, halaman 74-85
  9. A Comprehensive Dynamic End Milling Simulation Model, halaman 86-95
  10. Numerical Simulation of Machined Surface Topography and Roughness in Milling Process, halaman 96-103
  11. Modeling The Progression of Flank Wear on Uncoated and Ceramic Coated Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride Tools in Hard Turning, halaman 104-109
  12. Wear of Electroplated CBN Grinding Wheels, halaman 110-118
  13. A Methodology to Determine Work Material Flow Stress and Tool Chip Interfcial Friction Properties by Using Analysis of Machining, halaman 119-129
  14. Effect of Oil Mist on Tool Temperature in Cutting, halaman 130-135
  15. Magnetic Field Effects in Machining Pricesses and on Manufactured Part Mechanical Chracteristics, halaman 136-145
  16. Identification of Spindle Integrated Force Sensor's Transfer Function for Modular End Mills, halaman 146-153
  17. Empirical Model Decomposition Based Time-Frequency Analysis for The Effective Detection of Tool Breakage, halaman 154-166
  18. Algorithm for Spatial Straightness Evaluation Using Theories of Linear Complex Chebyshev Approximation and Semi Infinite Linear Programming, halaman 167-174
  19. Development of NiCr/NiSi Thin-Film Thermocouple Sensor for Workpiece Temperature Measurement in Chemical Explosive Material Machining, halaman 175-179
  20. Nanometer-Level Comparison of Three Spindle Error Motion Separation Techniques, halaman 180-187
  21. In Process Diameter Measurement of Turned Workpiece With Curvatures by Using Sensor Positioning, halaman 188-193
  22. Dynamic Analysis of A Mesoscale Machine Tool, halaman 194-203
  23. A Real Time Method for Solving The Forward Kinematics of A Tripod With Fixed Length Legs, halaman 204-212
  24. Modeling Machining Geometric Variation in A N-2-1 Fixturing Scheme, halaman 213-219
  25. Multiple Attributes Utility Analysis in Setup Plan Evaluation, halaman 220-227
  26. Determining Setup Orientations From The Visibility of Slice Geometry for Rapid Computer Numerically Controlled Machining, halaman 228-238
  27. Volumetric Error Compensation of Multi Axis Laser Machining Center for Direct Patterning of Flat Panel Display, halaman 239-248
  28. Cutter/Workpiece Engagement Feature Extraction From Solid Models for End Milling, halaman 249-260
  29. Optimal Approximated Unfolding of General Curved Shell Plates Based on Deformation Theory, halaman 261-269
  30. Digital Panel Assembly Methodologies and Applications for Compliant Sheet Components, halaman 270-279
  31. Real Time Weld Penetration Depth Monitoring With Laser Ultrasonic Sensing System, halaman 280-286
  32. Tensile-Shear Forces and Fracture Modes in Single and Multiple Weld Specimens in Dual Phase Steels, halaman 287-298
  33. Three-Dimensional Modeling of Selective Laser Sintering of Two Component Metal Powder Layers, halaman 299-306
  34. Analysis of The Laser Droplet Formation Process, halaman 307-314
  35. Statistical Process Control Based Supervisory Generalized Predictve Control of Thin Film Deposition Processes, halaman 315-325
  36. Robust Method of Multiple Variation Sources Identification in Manufacturing Proscesses for Qualtiy Improvement, halaman 326-336
  37. Dynamic Modeling of Powder Systems in Gravity-Fed Powder Feeders, halaman 337-345
  38. Technical Briefs : Active Control of Regenerative Chatter During Metal Cutting Process, halaman 346-349
  39. Using The Eigenvalues of Multivariate Spectral Matrices to Achieve Cutting Direction and Sensor Orientation Independence, halaman 350-354
  40. A Finite-Differences Derivative-Descent Approach for Estimating Form Error in Precision-Manufactured Parts, halaman 355-359
  41. Delayed Reference Control for Hot Wire Cutting of Expandable Polystyrene Foam, halaman 360-365
  42. Progressive Die Sequence Design for Deep Drawing Round Cups Using Finite Element Analysis, halaman 366-369
  43. Analytic Wavelet-Based Ultrasonic Pulse Differentiation for Injection Mold Cavity Pressure Measurement, halaman 370-377
  44. Development of Hardware Simulator and Controller for Web Transport Process, halaman 378-381

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