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ArtikelHubungan Life style Anak Jalanan terhadap Kejadian Penyakit Tuberkulosis Paru (Studi Kasus di Yayasan Insani surabaya)  
Oleh: Diah Indriani ; Adiningsih, Sri ; Mahmudiono, Trias
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: The Indonesian Journal of Public Health vol. 03 no. 02 (Nov. 2006), page 53.
Topik: Lifestyle; Tuberculosis; Street Children.
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Isi artikelTuberculosis is one the main health problems faced by all counties around the world, in 1996, WHO showed that 10-15% of the TB victims were children under 15 years old. One of the health problems that emerge is malnutrition; this is the effect of bad eating habits. In fact, malmutrition drives someone to be easly infected since malnutrition weaken the immunity system of the body. The objective of this study is to delineate the relation of street children's life style in Insani Foundation and the possibility that they are about to be infected by TB disease. This is an analytic research, there are 37 selected children performed as the sample which collect with simple random sampling methods. The data is analyzed analytically and bivariatly with statistic examine of Chi Square with ingenuous level up to 90%. The results of the research is there is a relation between eating habit and the TB infection process with risk level 7,33 . Meanwhile, activity period factor and smoking habit doesn't have relation with TB infection process. For personal hygiene (sport habit), we find relation of sport habits and TB infection process. Since risk level is 0,267. Based on the results, we can figure out that there should be more improvement of eating habits among street children in Insani foundation since bad eating habits will endanger their bodies to be infected by tuberculosis. By enhancing the positive activities in Insani Foundation thoroughly will reduce the possibility of TB infection toward the children, especially sport habit since it able to maintain the stamina and the immunity of the body.
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