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ArtikelGood Nutrition for Quality of Life PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS)  
Oleh: Nadhiroh, Sri Rahayu
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: The Indonesian Journal of Public Health vol. 03 no. 02 (Nov. 2006), page 29.
Topik: HIV/AIDS; good nutrition; quality of life
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Isi artikelHIV/AIDS have infected more than 40 million people around the world, since the first case was reported in 1981. In Indonesia, estimated 169 thousand till 216 thousand people have contagious of the virus. Considering the spread of HIV/AIDS which progressively extend and can be groggy of nation life, especially young generation, we need the effort of HIV/AIDS preventing and overcoming effectivelly. Beside that, improving quality of life of PLWWHA (People living with HIV/AIDS) is essential to maintain health and prolong lives of them. Good nutrition can contribute to the wellness and sense of wellbeing of the PLWHA at all stages of the disease and may even prolong life. Good nutrition menans eating foods that supply the body with all the nutrients that are needed daily. We get all the nutrients from starchy foods, fats and oils, proteins, vintamins, menerals and water. The right balance of these nutrients promotes health. Hood nutrition help to maintain ideal body weight of PLWHA. This will gine stronger immunity and resistance to infection. The next, good nutrition will reduce the sickness and make slower HIV/AIDS disease progression. If PLWHA get a wellness condition, they will eat well and have a good appetite. So, PLWHA can reach a better life and get a good quality of life. Therehy, Butrition can assist in mitingating the empacts of HIV/Aids at the individual, household and community. A good nutrition is one of the simplest way of helping people live with HIV/AIDS to improve the life quality and life expectancy.
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