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ArtikelPenerapan Sistem Autentikasi One Time Password untuk Proses Login ke Dalam Suatu Program Aplikasi  
Oleh: Rahayu, Flourensia Sapty
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Teknologi Industri vol. 6 no. 4 (Oct. 2002), page 235-244.
Topik: Authentication; Password; Replay Attack; OTP System
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Isi artikelOne of the important aspects in computer security deals with authentication that concern with how computer knows everyone is really he. The authentication method commonly used is static password. This model is now become insecure because someone could steal the password and use it to do ilegal actions. One solution proposed is the One Time Password system. One Time Password authentication system was made to handle such attack called replay attack. This system produces different passwords that can be used by user to get access to the application system. This paper is focused on how OTP system workc and how it’s implemented in the login process to an application program.
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