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ArtikelModel Penentuan Tanggal Jatuh untuk Penjadwalan Flow Shop dengan Memperhatikan Periode Ketidaktersediaan Mesin  
Oleh: Sutarno, H.R.M. Muhammad ; Parama Kartika Dewa S.P.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Teknologi Industri vol. 8 no. 2 (Apr. 2004), page 145-158.
Topik: Due Date; Scheduling; Machines; Period Of Unavailability; Flow Shop
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Isi artikelProblem which always faced by an industry when it wants to accept customer order is determination of order due date. The customer wish the order finished immediately, meanwhile on the other side, the industry will consider its resources to specify period needed by the order. There are two consequences of due date determination. First, if the due date faster than real condition then the industry will bear the expense of delay. The second consequence, if the due date slower than real condition, the industrial will bear the holding cost. This condition indicate how important requirement of due date determination method. In the scheduling theory, basic model assumes that all machines are always available to process throughout the planning horizon. This assumption might be justified in some cases but it can not applied if there are certain maintenance requirements, while the machine works with higher level priority job or other constraints that cause the machines not available to process scheduled job. Due date determination model has developed in this paper will accommodate limited machine availability condition in flow shop production system. The proposed model is in the form of solution algorithm for the case of m machines with g periods of unavailability. Result of the model will reduce idle time that happened before period of unavailability of machine.
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