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JurnalIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks vol. 14 no. 6 (Nov. 2003)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 1045-9227    Year:: 2003    Bulan: 11    
Penerbit: IEEE Computational Intelligence Society
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Query-Based Learning for Aerospace Applications, halaman 1437-1448
  2. A Study on Reduced Support Vector Machines, halaman 1449-1459
  3. Parallel Nonlinear Optimization Techniques for Training Neural Networks, halaman 1460-1468
  4. Neurodynamics and Attractor Network for Solving Convex Nonlinear Programming Problems, halaman 1469-1477
  5. Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization of The Size, Shape, and Position Parameters of Radial Basis Function Networks for Function Approximation, halaman 1478-1495
  6. Learning From Labeled and Unlabeled Data Using A Minimal Number of Queries, halaman 1496-1505
  7. Support Vector Machine With Adaptive Parameters in Financial Time Series Forecasting, halaman 1506-1518
  8. Robust Combination of Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models for Speech Recognition, halaman 1519-1531
  9. Predictive Self-Organizing Map for Vector Quantization of Migratory Signals and Its Application to Mobile Communications, halaman 1532-1540
  10. Real-Time Collision-Free Motion Planning of A Mobile Robot Using A Neural Dynamics-Based Approach, halaman 1541-1552
  11. No Free Lunch With The Sandwich [Sandwich Estimator], halaman 1553-1559
  12. Stability Analysis of Bidirectional Associative Memory Networks With Time Delays, halaman 1560-1565
  13. Habituation in The KIII Olfactory Model With Chemical Sensor Arrays, halaman 1565-1568
  14. Simple Model of Spiking Neurons, halaman 1569-1571
  15. Global and Partial Synchronism in Phase-Locked Loop Networks, halaman 1572-1575
  16. A Low-Complexity Fuzzy Activation Function for Artificial Neural Networks, halaman 1576-1579

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