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JurnalJournal of Fluids Engineering vol. 123 no. 3 (2001)
Bahasa: (EN )    Year:: 2001    
Penerbit: ASME International
Jenis: Bulletin/Magazine
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Numerical Study of Pressure Fluctuations Caused By Impeller-Diffuser Interaction in a Diffuser Pump Stage, halaman 466-474
  2. A Numerical Investigation on The Volute/Diffuser Interaction Due to The Axial Distortion at The Impeller Exit, halaman 475-483
  3. Numerical Investigation of Swirling Flow in Annular Diffusers With A Rotating Hub Installed at The Exit of Hydraulic Machines, halaman 484-489
  4. The Flow Structure During Onset and Developed States of Rotating Stall Within A Vaned Diffuser of A Centrifugal Pump, halaman 490-499
  5. Impeller Geometry Suitable for Mini Turbo-Pump, halaman 500-506
  6. Passive Control of Rotating Stall in A Parallel-Wall Vaned Diffuser by J-Grooves, halaman 507-515
  7. Studies on A Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine With Passive Pitch-Flap Mechanism (Performance and Flow Analysis Around Wind Turbine), halaman 516-522
  8. On Cross-Flow Fan Silimarity : Effects of Casing Shape, halaman 523-531
  9. Performance Characteristics of A Centrifugal Pump Impeller With Running Tip Clearance Pumping Solid-Liquid Mixtures, halaman 532-538
  10. Open Channel Boundary Layer Relaxation Behind A Forward Facing Step at Low Reynolds Numbers, halaman 539-544
  11. Linear and Nonlinear PSE for Stability Analysis of The Blasius Boundary Layer Using Compact Scheme, halaman 545-550
  12. A Numerical Investigation on The Development of An Embedded Streamwise Vortex in A Turbulent Boundary Layer With Spanwise Pressure Gradient, halaman 551-558
  13. Effects of Bulk Flow Pulsations on Phase-Averaged and Time-Averaged Film-Cooled Boundary Layer Flow Structure, halaman 559-566
  14. LDV Measurement of Confined Parallel Jet Mixing, halaman 567-573
  15. Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Turbulent Flow in Axisymmetric Sudden Expansions, halaman 574-587
  16. Laminar Flow of A Herschel-Bulkley Fluid Over An Axisymmetric Sudden Expansion, halaman 588-594
  17. Two Dimensional Study of The Turbulent Wake Behind A Square Cylinder Subject to Uniform Shear, halaman 595-603
  18. Velocity Measurements of Vortex Breakdown in An Enclosed Cylinder, halaman 604-611
  19. Optimal Feedback Control of Vortex Shedding Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Models, halaman 612-618
  20. Dynamic Subgrid-Scale Modeling for Large-Eddy Simulations in Complex Topologies, halaman 619-627
  21. Comparison of Different Subgrid-Scale Models of Large Eddy Simulations for Indoor Airflow Modeling, halaman 628-639
  22. Two-Equation Turbulence Modeling for Impeller Stirred Tanks, halaman 640-648
  23. Effect of Body Aspect Ration and Tank Size on The Hydrodynamics of A Rotating Bluff Body During The Initial Spin-Up Period, halaman 649-655
  24. Fully-Developed Laminar Flow in Sinusoidal Grooves, halaman 656-661
  25. Flow Investigation Around A V-Sector Ball Valve, halaman 662-671
  26. Hydrodynamic Focusing for A Micromachined Flow Cytometer, halaman 672-679
  27. Numerical Solution of Incompressible Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery, halaman 680-685
  28. Flow Filling A Curved Pipe, halaman 686-691
  29. Theoretical Analysis of Transitional and Partial Cavity Instabilities, halaman 692-697
  30. Developing Film Flow on An Inclined Plane With A Critical Point, halaman 698-701
  31. On Preferred Perturbations Selected By Centrifugal Instability, halaman 702-704
  32. The Transient for MHD Stokes's Oscillating Plate-An Exact Solution, halaman 705-706
  33. Approximate Similarity of Confined Turbulent Coaxial Jets, halaman 707-709

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