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BukuAfrica's experience with structural adjustment: proceedings of the harare seminar, may 23-24, 1994  
Author: Kapoor, Kapil (Editor)
Penerbit: Washington, DC: IBRD     Tahun terbit: 1995     Jenis: Books
BukuNational experience in the formulation and implementation of population policy, 1960-1980 Mozambique  
Author: [s.n]
Penerbit: New York: United Nations     Tahun terbit: 1981     Jenis: Books
BukuRebuilding the Mozambique economy: assessment of a development partnership country assistance review  
Author: Landau, Luis
Penerbit: Washington, DC: IBRD     Tahun terbit: 1998     Jenis: Books
BukuRehabilitating government: pay and employment reform in Africa  
Author: Lindauer, David L. (Editor)
Penerbit: Washington, DC: IBRD     Tahun terbit: 1994     Jenis: Books
BukuThe next generation: lives of third world children  
Author: Ennew, Judith; Milne, Brian
Penerbit: London: Zed Books     Tahun terbit: 1989     Jenis: Books

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