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BukuAgreement of Function Across Methods Used in School-Based Functional Assessment With Preadolescent and Adolescent Students  
Author: Kwak, Meg M.; Ervin, Ruth A. (Co-Author); Austin, John (Co-Author); Anderson, Mary Z. (Co-Author)
Penerbit: London: SAGE Publications     Tahun terbit: 2004     Jenis: Article - untuk jurnal ilmiah
BukuImproving access to schooling in the third world an overview  
Author: Anderson, Mary B.
Penerbit: Cambridge: BRIDGES     Tahun terbit: 1988     Jenis: Books
BukuThe participation of women in education in the third world  
Author: Bowman, Mary Jean; Anderson, C. Arnold
Penerbit: [s.l]: [s.n]     Tahun terbit: 1980     Jenis: Books

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